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Credit and Debit Card Processing

If you want to accept credit cards or debit cards in your store, over the phone, on your website, or using your mobile phone or tablet, Simplêfy has what you need.

  1. 1. Simplefy will help you establish a Merchant Account.
  2. 2. Additionally Simplefy will help you with EMV (Europay MasterCard Visa) AKA "Chip and PIN."
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Credit Cards:

Debit Cards:

Accepting Debit Cards is less expensive than accepting Credit Cards and provides the merchant with a guaranteed transaction and immediate deposit of funds from the customers bank to the merchants account.

Accel, Credit Union 24, Alaska Option, Star, Union Pay, Interlink, Shazam, NYCE, AFFN, JEANIE, Maestro, Pulse Pay

Gift Cards:

Put your Company Logo on Debit Gift Cards! We Offer a wide variety of Gift Card Promotions. Please call us for more information.

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Business Cash Advances

Simplêfy can get you cash when your business needs it!

Simplêfy has several alternatives to assist your business in obtaining needed cash flow to fill orders, buy supplies or equipment, advertise, make payroll, or other needs you may have.

For more information, contact Tony Bowman at 888-341-2999, ext. 105

Small Business Loan Solution

This solution is ideal for the stronger credit profile, and business with strong consistent cash flow that desires a fixed payment structure. Additionally, the funding amount is not limited by your credit card processing volume. If you have at least 9 months operating history in your business, and prefer a fixed payment structure, then let us quote you a Small Business Loan. Funding time is still about 3 days after submission of your complete application package!

For more information, contact Tony Bowman at 888-341-2999, ext. 105

Risk-Free Check Acceptance

Simplêfy offers check guarantee services through TeleCheck®, a premium provider of paper and electronic check services.

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